Model No.︰7.2V 2.8AH
Brand Name︰Leonine
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰5 pc
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Specifications︰Sealed cylindrical cell
Model/ Capacity/Size(DxH)
AAA 600mAh Ф10.0×44.0mm
AAA 700mAh Ф10.0×44.0mm
AAA 800mAh Ф10.0×44.0mm
2/3AAA 300mAh Ф10.0×28.0mm
1/3AAA 120mAh Ф10.0×15.0mm
4/3AAA 800mAh Ф10.0×50.0mm
5/3AAA 1000mAh Ф10.0×67.0mm
2/3AA 600mAh Ф10.0×28.0mm
4/5AA 1200mAh Ф14.0×44.0mm
AA 1200mAh Ф14.0×50.0mm
AA 1400mAh Ф14.0×50.0mm
AA 1600mAh Ф14.0×50.0mm
AA 1800mAh Ф14.0×50.0mm
AA 2000mAh Ф14.0×50.0mm
AA 2100mAh Ф14.0×50.0mm
AA 2300mAh Ф14.0×50.0mm

Note: Each battery cell is 1.2V and can be combined for pack with voltage from 2.4V to 48V
Advantages︰1.Small volume
2.High capacity
3.Light weight
4.Long cycling life
5.Good performance
6.No pollution
7.No memory effect

Mobile,tranceiver,video camera,port-computer,IC system,power toy,medical equipment,electronic device
Export Markets︰Worldewide
Pricing︰Competitvie(Inquiry is welcome!)
Payment Details︰TT in advance / LC at sight
Min Order︰USD1,000.00
Ship Date︰15 Days
Standard Met︰IEC/GB
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